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I'm alway available for bookings,

if your reservation was made one week prior.


Do you want to be certain of a spot in my schedule?

Make sure to book a long time in advance!


A booking last minute is sadly not possible,

unless I explicitly say something about it on X.


Do your kinks match mine?

Then I look forward to seeing you! 


Would you rather take a long-term position?

Make sure you meet my needs and have enough to offer before you sign up!


I expect neat and clear messages,

otherwise there is a good chance that I will not respond

or I might give a response that you do not expect.


Do I have your attention?

Look further at the Session page, my Marketplace or send me a gift like the silent sender that you are...

It's always time to make


come true!



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I got a new number for Whatsapp!